There are numerous beaches in Preveza well-known for their beauty and their crystal clear waters. Small and isolated as well as organised lie along a 60 km range in the Ionian sea. Bays, peninsulas, gulfs, cliffs and beaches are harmonically combined. Pine tree forests reach the beaches and create an idyllic environment.

Unspoiled and preserving their magnificent natural beauty,they are ready to welcome visitors. They are the best options for families and couples and safe for the elderly.Some of them are :

Kyani Akti in the city of Preveza, Pantokratoras and Alonaki, about 2 km from the city centre, the endless exotic beach of Monolithi 10km away. Leaving the city you can find the beaches of Kanali, Kastrosikia, Artolithia, Lygia, Vrahos, Loutsa, Alonaki Fanariou, Ammoudia, Lychnos, Valtos in Parga, Sarakiniko and many others.


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