It was normal for Preveza because of its strategic position to fortify to defend the epitheseios to accept. First the Turks in the 15th century fortified region of Preveza in place Buka and automatically became the first city's fortress.

Important benchmark for Prevezanou is the castle of St. Andrew. When was the occupation of the city by Ali Pasha built walls fortifying the old town and then anaktaskefase old castles and built new ones.

Substantial outlet gates of the castle for the rest of the region were four gates. Other castles katasekyase Ali Pasha is on Peukakia in Agios Georgios and the famous castle of the Almighty.

The most important castles are:

  • The Venetian Castle of Agios Andreas, next to the city’s coast, and further to the north the Bastion of Vrysoula were controlling the Gulf of Amvrakikos, while the Castle of Agios Georgios in Kyani Akti and the Castle of Pantokratoras were controlling the Ionian Sea.
  • The Castle of Parga is impressive and offers an astounding view to the city’s cove and the Ionian Sea.
  • The Castle of Rogon, near the village of Nea Kerasounta
  • The Castle in Riza was protecting the medieval city of Riniasa.
  • In Pente Pigadia, located near Gorgomylos in Filippiada.

Other castles of the area are:

  • Riniasas, in Lygia
  • Ayia
  • Mpouka


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