Religion places

Religion places

Visit Monasteries

The Prefecture of Preveza has many remarkable monasteries that definitely worth a visit not only for religious purposes, but also for their historical, archeological and touristic interest.
Only two of them are currently inhabited: the Sacred Monastery of Profitis Ilias – Ag. Ioannis Prodromos in Flamboura and the Sacred Monastery of Agios Dimitrios in Zaloggo.

  • The imposing Sacred Monastery of Profitis Ilias
  • The Sacred Monastery of Agios. This monastery has been declared as a historical preserved monument
  • The extraordinary Byzantine monastery of Ag. Dimitrios Tourkopaloukos

The following have also been declared as historic preserved monuments:

  • The Sacred Monastery of Agia Pelagia near Kastrosykia
  • The Sacred Monastery of Avassos in the location Laka Souliou
  • The Sacred Monastery of the Holy Trinity Lekatsa, which is surrounded by the beautiful homonymous forest

Visit also some churches:

  • Holy Temple of Agios Athanasios: Its well-preserved vivid frescoes are intricately decorated, being a typical example of venetian art.
  • Holy Temple of Agios Charalambos: The Metropolitan Church of Preveza is dedicated to its Patron Saint, Aghios Charalambos. This simple church is known for its gilded wood-carved inner temple and venetian Clock Tower. Aghios Charalambos is celebrated on 10 February.
  • Holy Monastery of Vlaherna in Parga
  • Holy Temple of the Birth of Virgin Mary, Thesprotiko
  • Holy Temple of Agios Varnavas in Louros
  • Holy Temple of Agios Dimitrios, Krania
  • Holy Temple of Agios Vissarionas in Filippiada


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